No food, no sleep

Funny, isn’t it, how when you first arrive somewhere you can’t sleep the first night, no matter how big and comfy the hotel bed is? Well, I got no sleep at all the first night, which made me pretty grumpy yesterday. I tried a few of the recommended activities: howling, biting chunks out of your arm, collapsing on the floor and bursting into tears, clinging to people in a manic sort of way and being over-dramatic about life is certainly at an end, but to be honest I think I need to look for something a bit more interesting. Those activities are OK, I guess, but they are over-subscribed and not very original. Having come so far to get here, I want something more engaging.

I haven’t found any decent food here yet. The staples seem to be coffee and red wine, with a bit of gin. They’ll do for now, but it’s not really possible to get the gin and red wine until late afternoon because of some strange health and safety ruling. I had a couple of olives and two biscuits with smoked salmon in a nice place by a river. I didn’t look at the river in case I fell in in the dark, but I’ll go back and explore another day.


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