News from outside

Post from the non-despondent world is getting through to the Slough. The morning brought a Spanish edition of one of my books, and an invitation to go on a mystery jaunt. Problem is, I can’t tell from the blurb whether or not the trip will actually take me further into the Slough, which is not somewhere I want to go. If I go, I’ll have to sit near the emergency exit.

2 Responses to “News from outside”

  1. Dear Abandonata, here’s hoping for a revolution in the Slough of Despond, and the British and US navies arriving off the coast to bring all foreign tourists home.

  2. I have some experience in the sodding SOD, so am entirely qualified to be a spare tour guide. If needed, of course. I may even have a rather tattered map out somewhere, though it’s a bit blotchy.

    PS I believe the alsatians have turned vegetarian–they got hooked on the peanuts in the mini bar and now their hair has fallen out.

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