Room service

Woke at four and called room service. They have very limited fare. The menu offers only cold turkey and some kind of eggy pudding called ‘revenge’. The room service woman said the revenge was still too hot and it would be better to wait until morning as they prefer to serve it cold. I think it was some health and safety issue, like MacDonalds and the hot coffee; she didn’t want me to burn myself. As if I were stupid enough to burn myself on my own dinner!

This attitutude doesn’t help in the middle of the night, as I told her. I’m a vegetarian, so that turkey is no use. I really think this place needs a shake-up. Obviously they have become complacent because their guests don’t complain enough. I’m beginning to wonder about that term ‘guest’, too. I’m suspecting ‘inmate’ might be more apt – it’s more like a gulag than a luxury hotel here.


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