Hard hats and safety gear

Apparently the complementary coat of Shock that we were encouraged to wear when going outside is available for only the first week. The weather has not got any better, but the coat has to be passed on to new arrivals, or maybe burned to prevent the spread of despair. So now I have to go outside with no protection.

This is not really good enough; I was shivering even in the coat, but I didn’t bring any warm clothes and the warm arms that have always sheltered me from icy blasts are a million miles away. And amputated. I shall be lodging a complaint about this shoddy provision of protective clothing – I’m sure it must be in breach of health and safety legislation.

I think they should consider a hard hat, too, as there are many dangerous broken dreams crashing to the ground and they have sharp edges. I have been badly hurt by some of them. It is very negligent, providing no protective equipment.


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