Weekly review: Week 1

The management is, they say, keen to improve facilities here and so would be grateful for my weekly feedback on my time here.

End of week 1

Please list the activities you have taken part in and give them a rating on the scale 1-5 , with 1 being most unsatisfatory and 5 being most satisfactory. Rate each activity for enjoyment (E), therapeutic value (T), attention-seeking potential (A), problem-solving potential (P). Put R beside any activities you would recommend. Put X beside any activities you feel should be withdrawn from the programme.

Crying, moderate 1E, 2T, 1A, 1P

Crying, hysterical 1E, 3T, 3A, 1P

Writhing 1E, 1E, 4A, 1P

Biting self 1E, 2T, 4A, 1P X – in winter this is not too bad, but in summer the scars would be embarrassing after the limited therapeutic value was exhausted. Supply long-sleeved clothes for those who self-bite to avoid stigma

Collapsing on floor 1E, 1T, 3A, 1P X – this can be dangerous if unsupervised

Mania 1E, 1E, 4A, 1P X – this is too scary

Staying awake all/most of night – 1E, 1T, 1A, 1P X – this has no value of any kind and is disruptive to others

Not eating – 1E, 1T, 3A, 1P R – prevents other offered activity ‘nausea’ which is worse

Writing letters/emails – 2E, 4T, 2A, 2P R – this is one of the best activities on offer, but it its benefits are possible illusory so I would like to revisit this verdict later

Writing blog – 3E, 4T, 5A, 1P R – this is difficult but feels worthwhile

Confiding in relative strangers (not by blog) – 2E, 2T, 1A, 2P

Working – 1E, 1T, 1A, 1P – X this is a poor-quality activity that serves only the practical purpose keeping food on the table. Food which I do not intend to eat

Wallowing in self-pity/loathing – 2E, 3T, 2A, 1P

Seeing/communicating with sympathetic friends – 5E, 4T, 1A, 2P R – this is also one of the best activities on offer

List here some activities offered which you did not try:

Screaming, fighting, throwing things, breaking things (other than self), making/responding to advances (relating to any new potential partner), self-harm/suicide, deceit, vindictiveness, revenge, excessive guilt trips, excessive shopping, excessive sex (excessive in either number of times or nature of activity), over-eating, consuming too much alcohol, taking drugs

Are there any activities NOT currently offered which you would like to try?*

*please do not list reconciliation or resolution as the management does not have the resources to provide these on an individual basis

Advanced escape plans; writing dismal poetry; reading (and being able to concentrate), drowning (metaphorical or literal)


One Response to “Weekly review: Week 1”

  1. You seem to be very active, Abandonata, and have achieved more than you think you have. Full marks for effort, I would say. However, I was wondering. Has your travel agent given you a brochure for the Valley of Humiliation yet? It’s only a short walk up the Hill of Difficulty, and there is a shopping side-trip offered in Vanity Fair for little extra cost, as well as a stay at Doubting Castle, which is always a must if you want to experience the full delights of this tour. I believe prices are reasonable, and the food is of the kind which fills you up and leaves you hungry 2 minutes later. They only ask for a sliver of soul, which is not much under the circs (that reminds me of a story about a tramp and a lady, but it’s not suitable for a nice family blog like wot this one is!).

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