Sports day

I’ve been here a week and I’ve had no exercise at all. This is terrible – I will get really unfit. OK, even more unfit.

I have looked at the sports on offer here, and they are all rather unfamiliar so I’m not sure what to pick. There is: Knife-Twisting for Beginners; Harbouring Grudges (I think that’s something to do with boats and sailing); Jumping to Conclusions; Running Away from the Truth; Pursuing Hopeless Goals (I think that’s another type of running) and Hurling Accusations.

I have weak arms and lousy aim, so I don’t think I’ll try the last one – someone might get hurt. I know nothing about boats, so I’ll be at a disadvantage with the harbouring one. Knife-twisting doesn’t sound very energetic so I don’t think it will help. That leaves me with jumping  or running, which are at least fairly familiar.

I shall sign up for Pursuing Hopeless Goals, and maybe do a little Jumping to Conclusions if there is space in that group.


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