Energy in and energy out – guest post

Today I’m taking a break from wallowing in my own misery to share info from a friend here in the Slough (yes, you can have friends here!). She has given me this list of calorific costs of different SoD activities. Figures are per hour of activity:

· Making mountains out of molehills 500
· Running around in circles 350
· Flying off the handle 225
· Spinning your wheels 200
· Adding fuel to the fire 175
· Beating your head against the wall 150
· Climbing the walls 150
· Dragging your heels 100
· Jumping to conclusions 100
· Beating around the bush 75
· Grasping at straws 75
· Pouring salt on a wound 50

The statistics are taken from Bulletin, Columbus Industrial Association, July 11, 1977


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