Chasing non-dogs

Trip out! Emergency call from a friend who lost her dog. So I spent hours walking in the mud shouting dog’s name to no avail.

And a less pleasant 5 mins picking over the mangled roadkill she feared might be her dog in the middle of a main road, dodging cars and lorries. It was just the sort of activity I am most suited for at the moment. Oh look, here’s a paw amongst the mush – can I identify the species of animal? That A level in biology stood me in good stead. No sign of dog; best boots covered in mud, blood and mushed fox.

The events organiser might want to look again at the attractions. I won’t be signing up for the next trip out.

But poor dog, and poor dog people. I hope they are not going to be dumped in here with me. (The people – and I’m allergic to dogs.)


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