Past imperfect, future tense

A month in and there is a re-education programme. I knew it was a gulag really. I will love Big Brother (not). Today I have to do grammar. I resent being taught grammar, which I know pretty well already.

Past historic: doesn’t exist in English. Most people – even English people – have a past, but I don’t. Mine was ripped up by someone quite a while ago.

Present: something that is best when wrapped in tissue paper with a bow.

Future: well, after that incident with the past I never trusted the future. Until about seven or eight years ago, anyway. Then I started to believe in the future. Big mistake. The future is a foreign country – we do things differently there.

So that leaves me in this bubble of desolation that is the moment. Screw that. At least it’s mine: I’m going to redecorate it.

I won’t revise the past imperfect, I’ll leave the future conditional for later and instead work on the present indicative.


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