Methods of separation

Five weeks in and the options for the week are to carry on crying stupidly or do some science. Not being up to choosing, I’ll do both.

Methods of separation: filtering. This is good if one substance is solid and one liquid. Not appropriate; we are both equally fluid.

Methods of separation: precipitation. This is good if two liquids are mixed together and one can be induced to react with another substance and fall out of the mixture in a new compound. Not appropriate: there is no third agent present.

Methods of separation: distillation. This is good if two liquids with different boiling points are mixed together. Heat the mixture and wait for the more volatile component to escape and bugger off to condense intact elsewhere. Leaves the other half of the mixture slumped uselessly in the bottom of the flask. (It’s always the condensate that is deemed the most useful fraction.) Sounds about right.


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