Put out the light, and then put out the light

I’m in trouble with the management for going overdrawn on my Shakespeare account. Apparently we are only allowed a certain quota of Shakespeare quotes to allude to our troubles as it’s too easy to do, what with him writing all those gritty tragedies ‘n’ all. And around half my utterances this year have been stolen, unattributed, from Othello.

This was not a conscious theft of Will’s IPR – I didn’t notice the bard-leeching until accused. It’s a budget production that plays in my head – no Iago, no Cassio, no handkerchief, no Emilia, no (more) trips to Venice -just the man I loved not wisely but too well and his misconceived ideas about what I was doing leading him to destroy me.

Hey, they’ve taken all my pillows away….


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