OK, so what’s this hazchem kit for? And this toxins database that comes up instead of my home page? If they wanted me to detox, they could have said it nicely, not just chuck all this kit in here with a note saying ‘you have been identified as a contaminated area – please detox now.’ Apparently, there is a hazchem symbol on the outside of my door. It’s like painting a cross on the door of a plague house and shutting it up. Great. ‘Degrading and inhumane treatment de rigeur‘ is written all over the staff manual, obviously. I think they recruited the staff from people fired from Abu Ghraib. So – I give up my toxins. Then what? Stand on a box with a bag over my head? Bring it on…


2 Responses to “Hazchem”

  1. V. Kathryn Evans Says:

    can we leave food for you at the edge of the village? Will pke it over border with stick if required x

  2. please do – I am eating now, so some non-toxic food would be welcome 🙂

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