Change of clothes

The clothes provided here are pretty poor, I must say. This hood – the one with ‘victim’ stencilled across it, yes, the victimhood – it doesn’t really fit me. It mostly covers my eyes, so I can’t see properly. I don’t want to wear it any more. And the jacket, the one with the long sleeves that they like to tie in a knot, that’s not my idea of a stylish garment. Everyone tells me I can’t untie the knot, that no-one can untie the knot on their own. Alexander the Great had a good way of dealing with intractable knots. So I’m dumping the victimhood and cutting the knot in the jacket sleeves. I can’t get out of here if I can’t see or use my arms.


One Response to “Change of clothes”

  1. V. Kathryn Evans Says:

    Want to borrow my scissors?

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