Banquo’s ghost

I’ve been offered the role of Banquo’s ghost in some am dram production here. Rather ironic, given that they have told me I’m overdrawn on my Shakespeare account.

I can’t see the point of this, to be honest. Why did Banquo go to the feast when he wasn’t going to eat anything? To taunt Macbeth. Well, that’s a waste of time, and I haven’t even got GCSE-level taunting skills. No-one at the feast actually wanted to see Banquo.

Banquo would have done better to hang out with the rest of the dead forging a more profitable career than hankering after past glories and foolishly regretting the future glories once promised him. The point of history is to learn from the lessons of past fools and be foolish in different ways.

I’ll leave Macbeth to sup comfortably in his castle, unhaunted.


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