No, not the gleeful thing with a rope. Ropes aren’t allowed in the rooms here for obvious reasons. If you want a rope, you have to go to the bottom of the cliffs and pick up one someone else has used. It usually has a noose tied already, which saves time. But I digress.

This skipping is chucking things in a skip. I’m going to clear out my room a bit over the weekend and throw away some old stuff that I won’t be needing any more in my new, lean, ascetic life. Which is to say that somehow all my old crap has followed me here but I’m not carrying it all out. It’s going to be hard enough to get out without lugging all this clutter around. So, things – you might think you’re precious, but some of you are in for a shock. No good lurking under the sofa or at the back of the cupboard. I’m coming to get you….


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