Chicken-infested lands

There are chickens all over the place here – this is where chickens come home to roost. Practically none of these are my chickens, though. I dealt with my chickens, over the years – gave them a good home and listened to their squawking about guilt and responsibility and harm done. Now the place is flooded with someone else’s ignored chickens. I don’t mind the people who come and ask for redress for harm done, but these damn chickens – well, people should learn to let their chickens romp around in the sunlight and then shut them away when it gets dark. They don’t need to be roosting all over the place like this if you notice you have them and deal with them from the start.

Chickens have a habit of multiplying, too, if you ignore them. It’s never too late to chuck out eggs with embryos in; in fact, it’s never too late to get rid of surplus chickens. That’s what foxes are for. Anyone want to lend me a fox?


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