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Vodka jelly babies

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Consumption of vodka jelly babies is a good indicator of mood. Actually, production of vodka jelly babies is probably a good indicator of mood, too – obtain large number of jelly babies, drown in vodka, holding heads under vodka until they stop moving, seal jar. Once they become slobbery slop of disintegrating jelly corpse, eat with a spoon.

Today is a two-spoon day. Shame. Early last week I had got to the point where I thought I could throw the jar away.


Black spot

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Didn’t sailors always present the Black Spot by holding out a hand, spotty page concealed, and pressing it into the unsuspecting hand of one they pretended to be friendly towards? Sailors – you can’t trust them.

What happens if you tear up the spot? Don’t you have to believe you will die in order to do so?


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The jellyfish has been rousing itself the last few days. I don’t have a good record with jellyfish. I can’t kick this one, as it’s inside me, tentacles strangling my innards. It’s poisonous, of course, as all the best jellyfish are.

I lost my last fight with a jellyfish, and I’ll probably lose this one. But I didn’t die last time. Not quite. So at least I have a record for survival.

Shock waves

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An earthquake always has an epicentre, which feels the full force of the shift. But the shock waves can’t be contained, however much you might like to think they can. They spread around the world through the ground, sometimes circling the globe several times.

Homes fall apart. Innocent people suffer. That’s how it is. If you start earthquakes, people suffer – not just those you don’t care about, but also those you do care about. There’s no point telling people to stand up straight or hold onto things. They will still fall.

And the victim count rises for quite a while after the earthquake. You might be able to pull people from the rubble, but they often have irreversible crush injuries. It’s not all a jolly story of rescue dogs pulling out innocent children unharmed. Nor does the rubble just go away or crumble to dust. It clutters the landscape for a very long time.

Names have been changed…

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to protect the guilty. But why change names to protect the guilty? If I don’t change the names in my novel, will the guilty sue me? No, because it is not libel if it is all true. But if it is all true, it’s not a novel. And if it is not about them because it is not true, they can’t sue. Can they? Who cares?

No surrender

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Someone is digging the ground away from under my feet. Can’t I even be allowed control of my own responses? How many people have to undermine me?

And who do I surrender to? If I want it all to stop now, if I want to give in and say, yes, you all win, I will be as destroyed as you want me to be, who do I wave the white flag at?

Going up and looking down

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Exploring the Slough I found I was walking uphill, which in itself was no surprise as everywhere I go outside my room involves going through somewhere called Uphill Struggle. But this was different as it leveled off to a plateau. Apparently, it is the Moral High Ground – there is rather a pompous sign labeling it. The place was abandoned, as far as I could see, so I have decided to inhabit it for a while. It will make a change.

The Moral High Ground overlooks a foetid swamp, which may be part of the Depths of Stupidity. I think from what I can see it probably is, though it could be somewhere I’ve heard of called Moral Turpitude.  There is a slippery slope around the edges, so that even the most intelligent person could fall into it if they were not looking where they were going, were lazy, or were just stumbling blindly through the Slough.

It would be quite easy to slip from the Moral High Ground into the Depths of Stupidity, so I shall put up a guard rail around my position. Luckily, there is no chance of the long-term wallowers in the Depths even noticing the MHD, never mind trying to assault it, so I can stay here and watch the Stupid flailing in the mire until it gets boring. But I suppose that’s a bit like paying a penny to visit Bedlam – not very enlightened. One should be compassionate, really, especially towards the few who are not stupid but just slipped. It doesn’t promise to be a particularly good show, anyway – they don’t have any imagination. Flights of Fancy go right over them, but they never look up. I’m not sure I can be bothered.