Playing with Mr Potato Head

Exploring my new room…. There’s a Mr Potato Head here, but it comes without instructions.

It’s really not clear whether, if I am reconfiguring my Potato Head man from lover to friend, I need a new potato or whether I just need to pick different accessories (eyes, ears, nose – quite serious accessories, really). Or can I just re-arrange the same accessories on the old potato?

I guess that wouldn’t work unless I were making a Mr Picasso Head.

You can make your own Mr Picasso Head. If you prefer potatoes to art, you can make your own Mr Potato Head, too. (If you are Cory, you might prefer this link so that you can make your own Mr Potato Head game before playing it.)

(Disclaimer: No offence intended to any potatoes or others. Any similarity to people or potatoes living or dead is entirely coincidental.)


3 Responses to “Playing with Mr Potato Head”

  1. Mash the original potato

  2. but just think of how creative you could be with mash- an entirely new Mr Potato Head of your won design!

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