Shock waves

An earthquake always has an epicentre, which feels the full force of the shift. But the shock waves can’t be contained, however much you might like to think they can. They spread around the world through the ground, sometimes circling the globe several times.

Homes fall apart. Innocent people suffer. That’s how it is. If you start earthquakes, people suffer – not just those you don’t care about, but also those you do care about. There’s no point telling people to stand up straight or hold onto things. They will still fall.

And the victim count rises for quite a while after the earthquake. You might be able to pull people from the rubble, but they often have irreversible crush injuries. It’s not all a jolly story of rescue dogs pulling out innocent children unharmed. Nor does the rubble just go away or crumble to dust. It clutters the landscape for a very long time.


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