Stuffing Socrates back in the sack

The unexamined life is not worth living, Socrates said.

But the examined life is not always livable; at least an unexamined life is endurable.

Perhaps Socrates had an easy time, in the good old days when hemlock was an approved (rather than denigrated) solution. Or maybe he didn’t care what he would end up thinking of other people if he looked too closely. Or maybe he was a miserable git to start with, so had nothing to lose.


3 Responses to “Stuffing Socrates back in the sack”

  1. Yes, I have often thought I would be much happier if I could lead an unexamined life. Though I would definitely not be me. Which would I take if offered the choice? As usual, the happy medium, I suppose.

  2. I might as well lead an unexamined life because I have so little idea of why I do anything.

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