Reality check

Re-engagement with real world checklist:

Newspapers – bought since Jan, 2; read, 0

Films – seen since Jan (in cinema), 2: result – after first, shattered, exhausted by effort of concentrating for 2 hrs; after second, dazed but able to hold coherent conversation. Improving, then.

Films – seen on video since Jan, 1 – remembered, 0

TV progs – watched on purpose, real time, since Jan, 0

TV progs – watched in iPlayer since Jan, 5 mins of 1

TV progs – watched on video since Jan, 2 – had to watch both twice; understood, 0

Books – read, all through, not work, since Jan, 2; remembered, 0

Books – written, since Jan, 6; remembered, 0

Books – started (writing), not finished/abandoned, since Jan, 3

Books – commissioned, since Jan, 8; started, 1; finished, 0

Probable number of accepted but forgotten commissions, since Jan, 3


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