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There are so many ghosts. I come face to face with them turning every corner. There are so many places I can’t go without glimpsing them or, worse, finding they have taken me by the throat. Places that become inbearable to be in. Places that can include my own mind.


Electron famine makes me sad

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The recent electron famine in the Slough plunged me straight back into the deeper, darker areas I thought I’d left behind. With no access to my many dear friends who live outside visiting distance of the Slough, I had to turn back to those old stand-bys of crying all day and moping around. Maybe it was a strategy by the management to show me how far I’ve come. Fine – I see it. Can I go back near the edge now, please?

Poets in the woods

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‘Can’t see the wood for the tears’
(Roger McGough)

I’m in the forest and can see neither poet nor wood.

I’m not dead yet

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But my internet connection is.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
Unless I die in the meantime, of course.

A word from PD James

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‘There is also what Graham Greene called the splinter of ice in the heart… With some of the most difficult things that have happened in my life, part of me stands aside and watches me deal with it. In that sense my life has been a continual narrative.’


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= pit of misery. I think I will suggest we adopt Old English as the official language of the Slough. It is so much more evocative.

[That shd be an eth where I have ‘th’ but the mapping Mac/PC is not consistent and it would be confusing if it came out as something bizarre. More bizarre than eth, which is like a d with a line through the ascender. And the ‘ae’ should be a diphthong.]

Questions and answers

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Another day of questions to determine my exact status and location in the Slough. Don’t they realise we denizens of the Slough didn’t leave our brains at the entrance? We can see which answers will lead to which results. I know what I want from the system and I’ll give the answers that will get it. Why not just ask what I want? It would be much quicker.