In and out

I was never going to stay. I have spent too long here, eating my own flesh like Ugolino. A year on, I know where the postern gate is, I can come and go, and stay away for longer. Enough of that. From Hell, the path goes uphill through Purgatory.

This is the end of the Slough, at least for now. I might scrawl graffiti on the walls on my visits, but I’m checking out of my room. It’s not worth keeping a room here, and I can’t sub-let it for much – there aren’t so many people keen to come and stay who don’t have a place already.

So I’ll hand in my key, and try to find somewhere else to go.


2 Responses to “In and out”

  1. Wishing you all the very best. Feel privileged to have followed part of your journey (not entirely unlike my own) and have confidence that, like me, you will not only survive but find a better way to live.

  2. Thank you, Ros. And thank you for coming with me on part of this trip and making it a little easier. I’ll pay more attention to the description in the brochure when I plan my next trip anywhere. This was not a good destination. I am pleased you are out of the Slough, too, and so happy to hear you have found a better way to live. I am hopeful.

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