So what’s this blog about then?

The Slough of Despond is a holiday destination discovered by the famous 17th century traveller and misery-guts John Bunyan. There is no Rough Guide to the Slough of Despond, nor indeed, as far as I am aware, to the Other Slough. And no Lonely Planet Guide.

Abandonata is visiting the Slough of Despond because it is easier to get to than Venice*. You might find her updates a little downbeat, but that’s because she’s making the best of a bad job and it wasn’t her first choice of destination. From which we learn – don’t ever buy one of those lucky-dip holidays where they send you anywhere that has vacancies; there is always a good reason there are vacancies.

*As the populace of Venice fled from the plague in 1576, the Venetian papal envoy wrote in his reports to the Vatican  ‘siamo poco a poco abandonata’.


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