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Sunny enough to have lunch outside, but only for a while as it’s not really very warm here. Sitting outside is delightful, but however lovely outside is, we have to come in when it’s too cold. And I guess that’s true of all things.

It was all so lovely – but when the wind is too cold, we have to leave for a while. Personally, I’d prefer to have taken a coat and stayed out there through the blizzards, but there was no time to grab one – or maybe mine had been stolen. Maybe one day it will be warm enough again to go outside.

I hate winter; if winter lasts forever I would rather die than live through it. But I’ll wait and see if spring ever comes. If not, I will take up coat-making. I’m sure I can find enough resources here for a couple of coats good enough to cut the worst of the wind.



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I’m off out to lunch with one of my editors today and there’s a note with my coffee this morning – ‘Too many abscences without leave; please attend disciplinary meeting.’

They don’t like me to leave my room. They don’t like me to meet other writers and editors and friends. They don’t like me to eat lunch so often when they know starvation is part of their hold over me. They think I will slip from their grasp. They could be right. I’m going anyway.

The best of times and the worst of times

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The very same people who saved my life in November all showed up at my door for lunch yesterday and dragged me out into the bright daylight. We picnicked in the sun and ignored the mud and blood all around. They showed me pictures of bright futures outside the Slough of Despond. They left promises, kind words that will glow in the dark, a torch. And a rope ladder.

Is it, in the words of Pog, a ladder for going up or a ladder for going down? A rope ladder can only be used for going down as you can only fasten the top if you are already up. So this must be a ladder for getting out of the window and onto the solid ground.

Mining dreams

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The thought police get into your dreams here. I’m off to a big lunch today and dreamed that someone had tied my hair up, ineptly, with something that is not really a hair tie. I had to go to the lunch like that, I wasn’t allowed to change it, let it down, or even tidy away the completely extraneous bits that were nothing to do with hair or hair ties.