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There are rocks in the beds in the Slough so that even if you go to bed at 1 am you still wake at 5 are hounded out of bed by the packs of snarling thoughts that worry at non-sleepers. But I have escaped to Oxford for a couple of days, which is at the fringes of the Slough, and the bedrock does not extend this far.

Maybe Macbeth hath not quite murdered sleep but just severely crippled it.


Me and the tortoise

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We are both waiting for it to get warm and sunny. We both don’t want to eat anything but have to. We both hate the winter, but he can sleep through it and I just have to suffer through it. I make him eat lettuces. I don’t have to eat lettuces and probably my food police would denigrate the lettuce anyway. He sleeps in the library under a shelf; I sleep in a bed. Otherwise, we have a lot in common. And I *could* sleep in the library (though not under a shelf).