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Snow in the Slough again. This all started with snow. Everything has always started and ended with snow.

I expected snow would mix with the mud of the slough in hideous slush this winter, hard to drag feet through. But snow blankets the Slough with beauty, hides the ruts, hummocks and treacherous pits.

I am suffering from terminal naivety, still trusting in the smooth surface, wanting to believe honesty exists. Naivety is the word for trust in the real world.


Filling holes

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It’s been such a hard winter even the ground beneath my feet has broken up. I suppose it’s a good time for the people who fill holes. They don’t even need to step outside their own doors to find a new hole to fill.

Most people in the Slough are more intent on getting out than trying to patch it up by filling holes in it. Filling holes at the base of the Slough gives the impression of a smooth path, but doesn’t help them find the way out – it just makes it slightly easier to move around in the Slough.


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Sunny enough to have lunch outside, but only for a while as it’s not really very warm here. Sitting outside is delightful, but however lovely outside is, we have to come in when it’s too cold. And I guess that’s true of all things.

It was all so lovely – but when the wind is too cold, we have to leave for a while. Personally, I’d prefer to have taken a coat and stayed out there through the blizzards, but there was no time to grab one – or maybe mine had been stolen. Maybe one day it will be warm enough again to go outside.

I hate winter; if winter lasts forever I would rather die than live through it. But I’ll wait and see if spring ever comes. If not, I will take up coat-making. I’m sure I can find enough resources here for a couple of coats good enough to cut the worst of the wind.