What to do with a ‘new post’?

Every morning I am offered a new post. What is this post for? To hold up the fence that keeps me in and the world out? Does it come with enough rope to hang myself so I can use it as a gallows? There seems to be a never-ending supply of these posts. Some are long and some are short. Some have obvious flaws and may be best avoided (there are a few very flawed ones lying in the corner because I didn’t think they could do any good).

I wonder if I could use the posts to build something – a log cabin to live in (writers do well in log cabins, I hear), a raft to float down the river I am told runs near by, or a ladder to climb out. Even with just an untidy pile of posts, I could climb on top of the pile to get a better view of the landscape. When the pile is tall enough, maybe I will be able to see out properly.


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